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Chromalloy is trusted worldwide to provide commercial aviation engine manufacturers with a wide range of innovative, high-technology repair options to support ever-growing long term service agreements and power-by-the-hour programs.

We are an integrated solutions provider that delivers engineering services, castings, machining, protective barrier coatings, and a wide range of component repair options. Our unique Value Chain and dedication to quality, safety and innovation allows us to provide a wide range of aftermarket supply chain options. Chromalloy's 60+ years of experience in component repair results in value-added solutions that can reduce scrap and extend the life of critical high-valued engine components.

The Chromalloy Value Chain: Engineering, Castings, Machining, Joining Technology, Coatings, Repairs, Parts, Innovation.

Jim Boutot

Jim Boutot
Manchester, Connecticut, USA
Phone: +1 860 593 0805
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John Maffi

John Maffi
Orangeburg, NY, USA
Phone: +1 405 213-9823

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Chad Seifert

Chad Seifert
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Phone: +1 602 723 2594
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Charlotte Vaksmann

Charlotte Vaksmann
New York, New York, USA
Phone: +1 845 499 8421

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