We keep turbines running longer with innovative, cost-saving solutions.

With extensive experience over decades, Chromalloy has been a valuable partner to OEMs providing leading technology solutions within hot gas path parts. Based on the depth of our knowledge, Chromalloy develops customized solutions working closely with OEM partners.

Chromalloy leverages engineering expertise and advancements in materials science to extend the lifespan of industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines.

Repairs & Maintenance

For Aftermarket

Chromalloy repairs what others may scrap, increasing the yield of your parts and reducing the operating cost of your engines. Thanks to our significant investments into the research and development of innovative repair processes, we can return worn or damaged components to their original form, fit, and function. We offer a wide range of in-house repair services to simplify your operations and provide value to our customers.

For parts that cannot be repaired, LifeX replacements are a cost-effective and high-performance option that can reduce your operating costs. Chromalloy LifeX parts are designed to provide enhanced yields using our innovative coatings.

For OEMs

Chromalloy is trusted by major OEMs to repair original parts and maintain turbines. Our diverse capabilities and engineering expertise support timely and high-quality work.

For some turbine types or platforms, Chromalloy is the only repair source in the world. Our range of OEM-licensed repairs reflect the skill and continued excellence of our organization.

New Parts Manufacture

Chromalloy is uniquely equipped to partner with OEMs looking to streamline their procurement processes.

Our capabilities include cutting-edge casting technology, advanced machining and coating, allowing us to deliver a completed part from castings—or from scratch.

Partnering with Chromalloy comes with three major benefits:

Combined Services

Chromalloy can cover a wide range of manufacturing needs. We will meet your full technical requirements, from castings to complex machining and coating projects.


Major engine manufacturers partner with Chromalloy to produce new parts at the highest levels of quality and performance. We have the organizational discipline to protect your Intellectual Property.


Logistics are simpler when you have a trusted partner with broad capabilities. Chromalloy’s full value chain solutions improve part quality and simplify logistics.


Chromalloy staffs a wide range of experienced mechanical engineers, instrumentation and control engineers, field engineers, technical advisors and project managers. These individuals provide technical Field Support, Engineering Services and Planned Maintenance programs for IGT customers. We promptly dispatch expert personnel to evaluate and perform both on-site and remote engineering services for planned and unplanned maintenance, including the following.

  • Scheduled Outages
  • Unscheduled Outages
  • Comprehensive QHSE Programs
  • Site Management
  • Control Systems and Retrofits
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fuel Conversions
  • Technical Support
  • Generator Overhauls
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Plant Upgrades
  • Control Retrofits
  • Plant Relocation
  • Contractual Maintenance Agreements
  • Auxiliary Plant Services
  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

Engine Monitoring & Diagnostics

LifeX Monitoring & Diagnostics continuously evaluates the state of gas and steam turbines by automating the knowledge of the best turbine engineers. It builds up a complete picture of the turbine by performing several thousand fault detection steps every second. Higher-level diagnostic rules are then used to interpret these faults into a simple-to-read diagnostic summary.

A quick check of this gives an overview of what has happened with the turbine in the last shift, day or week.

  • Leading-edge technology
  • Performance, efficiency and maintenance
  • Speed of response
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Protect your assets
  • Corporate-wide solution


Technical Innovation is the heart of our organization.

Chromalloy’s significant investments in the development of new technologies and techniques to extend the life of turbines enable us to provide repairs beyond other supplier offerings. We’ve developed high-tech coatings that allow parts to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures longer, with less wear.

Discoveries that come from our Engineering Center of Excellence (ECOE) and from the engineering experts at our facilities worldwide move the industry forward and keep us on a path of continuous improvement.

Learn how we’re advancing the industry


Chromalloy provides maintenance and repair services for a wide range of platforms, from small to large industrial gas turbine engines.
Heavy Frame/Industrial include:
Frame 9, Frame 7, Frame 6, and Frame 5 among others
Aeroderivative platforms include:
LM2500 / LM2500+ / +G4 / LM6000
See how our innovative coatings, repairs and parts can reduce your operating expenses and extend the life of your gas turbine engines.