We’re relentless in our pursuit of advancements that save customers money.

Chromalloy believes that technical excellence and cost-savings go hand in hand. That’s why we actively research and develop new ways to solve our customer’s complex engineering challenges.

Value – A Function of Innovation

1 /Partnering

Chromalloy partners with customers to understand their reliability, cost, and material challenges.

2 /Improvement

Chromalloy engineers and scientists develop and improve processes, technologies, materials at state-of-the-art facilities.

3 /

Chromalloy leverages these advancements into high-quality, reliable LifeX parts, repairs, and services.

4 /Value

LifeX content and services provide increasing value to our customers and strengthen the Chromalloy-Customer partnership.

Chromalloy’s Engineering Center of Excellence (ECOE)

Chromalloy is a science and technology leader, which means we expect excellence to permeate every level of our organization—and every facility. The ECOE, located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at our corporate office, is the heart of our commitment to technical excellence and innovation.

This is where the innovation happens.

Engineering & Technology

Engineering Services

Advanced engineering services support our ongoing research and development initiatives, as well as the engineering needs of our customers. Those customers rely on Chromalloy engineers for industry-leading design and analysis.

Lab Services

Our Metallurgy, Metrology, Airflow, Fatigue and Modal labs support testing and development of innovative solutions that advance the aerospace and energy industries. Our discoveries in coatings, alloys, and machining translate to superior performance for our LifeX solutions.

Continuous Improvement

LifeX Parts and Repairs are continuously improving thanks to our deep bench of engineering talent. Decades of reliability and savings delivered to our customers – along with approvals from the FAA and major regulators worldwide – attest to the quality of our people and processes.

Learn how our investments in technology and engineering deliver value to our customers:


Creating value at every stage of the engine lifecycle.


Repair services and cutting-edge technologies for gas turbine engines.


Supporting the warfighter with innovative, high-savings solutions.

Are you a lab technician, technologist, engineer, or other skilled professional interested in being a part of an organization that’s leading the charge to develop reliable, durable, and sustainable solutions that help power the world and keep it flying?