Tampa FL, U.S.A.


Process Capabilities
  • Castings
    VIM Master Metal; Capable of producing all major Nickel & Cobalt based super alloys, Complex ceramic core manufacturing; Capable of finishing ceramic cores up to 25", Electric/gas-fired kilns utilized for production thermal processing, eight production core processes for shape-making, Capable of making any size core, Tool manufacture for Wax & Ceramic Core injection, EQ, DS, and SX vacuum casting (Up to 300 lb charge weight); Furnaces: Can produce a broad range of complex aero, aero-D, IGT, and heavy industrial components, Electronic Data Management Systems (Certifications, routers, procedures, databases); Complete shop lot control management, Wax & Plastic 3D additive manufacturing; Solidification modeling
  • Core
    Our ceramic core manufacturing capabilities include full CNC machining, thermal processing, and shape making to support production of every core size currently on the market. Chromalloy utilizes 100% blue inspection on all of our cores.
  • Master Alloy
    Chromalloy's state-of-the-art investment casting foundry allows for the production of master alloys for ingots used in the production supply chain of complex gas turbine engine components. Our highly automated, multiple-chamber vacuum induction furnace for master alloy provides the capacity to produce up to three million pounds of ingots annually.
  • Engineering
    Product and Process Engineering and Tooling Design as related to Investment Casting Development and Production.
  • Thermal Processing
    Vacuum Furnaces

Quality Certifications
ISO 9001:2015

Other Certifications
ISO9000 Certified
AS9100 Certified
Eric Foos
Site Leader

Contact Information
3401 Queen Palm Drive
Tampa FL 33619
P: (813) 885-4781

Sq. Ft. 115,000
In operation since 2010

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