December 2013
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Chromalloy expands in the new engine supply chain with acquisition of Trac Group

Chromalloy has acquired Trac Group, a tier-one component supplier to the aerospace and energy industries. “Chromalloy’s acquisition of Trac Group is in line with our strategy to increase our support for the new engine supply chain,” said Carlo Luzzatto, President. “Chromalloy and Trac, both industry leaders, together offer the original equipment manufacturers a global source of component production and repair.”

Trac Group provides design, engineering and manufacturing of high and low pressure complex turbine components including blades, segments and vanes for the engine hot section. As a supplier on new commercial aircraft engines and power generation systems, Trac Group produces components for Rolls-Royce, Snecma, Alstom, Siemens and other manufacturers.

The company employs about 400 and has headquarters in Crewe, U.K., with production facilities in the U.K. and Mexico.

Terry Russett, Managing Director, Trac Group, called the combination “a win-win for the equipment manufacturers, who demand innovation, quality and performance both in the supply chain and the aftermarket.” The company will retain its name and be referred to as “A Chromalloy Company.”


Chromalloy unveils new master alloy operation in Tampa, Florida

Chromalloy has expanded its investment casting foundry in Tampa, Fla., to include a master alloy operation. “Chromalloy’s new vacuum induction melting furnace will be fully operational in December 2013 at our state-of-the-art investment foundry,” said Carlo Luzzatto, President.

“Over the next 90 days we will meet the manufacturing requirements to commence production of master alloys for ingots used to manufacture gas turbine engine equipment,” Luzzatto said. Alloy ingots are used in the production supply chain of complex systems and manufactured parts, including the gas turbine engine components cast and repaired by Chromalloy for power system manufacturers.

“Chromalloy master alloys will be produced to the specifications of our customers in the aerospace and energy industries,” he said. “With this capability Chromalloy is fully positioned and vertically integrated, from master alloy to finished parts, to offer equipment manufacturers a complete range of nickel- and cobalt-based castings, in addition to the engineering services and part repairs we now offer.”

In addition to producing master alloy ingots for internal use, Chromalloy will be in a position to provide the ingots to other manufacturers of turbine components worldwide.

The master alloys produced by Chromalloy may include rare earth metals that stabilize base metals and add properties including greater corrosion resistance and strength at extreme temperatures. With the new highly automated, multiple-chamber vacuum induction furnace for master alloy, Chromalloy has the capacity to produce up to three million pounds annually.


Quality expert joins Chromalloy’s Holland repair center

Cees Dijkshoorn, an aerospace engineer and quality expert for more than 35 years, was appointed Quality Assurance Manager at Chromalloy’s repair center in Tilburg, Netherlands. Dijkshoorn joins the company from Recticel Aviation where he was Quality Manager for several years. Prior to that, he was Senior Production Engineer R&O at Stork SP Aerospace.

Earlier he was Project Manager at Excel Technology and prior to that Technical Support Engineer at ALO North America. He earlier worked at Fokker Aircraft as Quality Manager, and previous to that was Manufacturing Engineer at Pratt & Whitney. Dijkshoorn began his career as a Technical Officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the Institute of Technology in Haarlem, Netherlands, and an Officer Engineering Certificate from the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

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