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Chromalloy is a global technology company.
We partner with original equipment manufacturers, commercial airlines, the military and power companies to deliver innovative solutions that reduce manufacturing and operating expenses, and extend the life of gas turbine engines.
Chromalloy is driven by innovation. It's in our roots–as pioneers of protective coatings for turbine airfoils since the 1950s. It's in our evolution—as one of the first independents to repair gas turbine engine components. And it's in our future— as we continually develop new solutions that reduce costs and extend gas turbine engine life for manufacturers and operators alike.

Innovation creates longevity not only for our customers, but also for Chromalloy itself. Chromalloy has thrived over the last six decades because of our advancements and ingenuity. Today, we are a $1B company with locations in 17 countries around the world, which makes us one of the world's largest non-OEM providers of advanced coatings and authorized repairs and parts for gas turbine engines. And we are the only non-OEM company in the world that provides coatings, authorized repairs, castings, and OEM manufacturing and overhauls all from a single source.

Diverse expertise. Common values.
We are over 3,750 people strong, meeting the needs of our customers around the globe. Though our backgrounds differ, we share four common values. We are customer focused and work diligently to meet their needs. We have integrity and operate with honesty. We believe in teamwork and work together to achieve success. And we are driven by innovation, continually striving to develop new and better solutions.

Customer driven problem solvers.
We are uniquely focused on our customers and their needs. We partner with our customers to provide the latest, most technologically advanced solutions and deliver those solutions in a flexible, cost effective manner.

+ Commercial Aviation - Chromalloy works with major engine manufacturers and airlines worldwide to reduce their costs and extend the life of their gas turbine engines. These contracts leverage Chromalloy's unique and complete value chain – from engineering services to make-complete authorized parts and repairs – all under one global brand.

+ Military - The United States military and armed forces around the world utilize Chromalloy℠ part repairs, and advanced services for many of their turbines in the air and at sea. Today, Chromalloy provides a full line of repair and maintenance capabilities for turbine engines used by the military.

+ Energy - We leverage our aerospace heritage, military insight and expertise in energy and power, to provide high-tech coatings, repairs and parts. As one of the only companies in the world that provide a full spectrum of services, our Energy customers – whether original equipment suppliers or operators – can feel confident and benefit from the simplicity of working with one partner. Through Turbine Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chromalloy, we provide a wide range of services including field services, engineering, maintenance, long term service agreements, controls and monitoring.

+ Aeroderivative - Chromalloy provides full maintenance solutions including ChromalloySM coatings, parts repair and reconditioning, and depot services for aeroderivative engine users.

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