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Chromalloy’s state-of-the-art castings facilities are some of the most technologically advanced in the world.


Chromalloy operates several state-of-the-art castings centers, including a facility in Tampa, Florida, that is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. This facility features the latest in technology — from shell lines that fine-tune process control to furnaces that enable the production of the entire range of complex gas turbine engine components for the Power industry.

Our Chromalloy Castings facility in Tampa was designed from the ground up to optimize workflow, which means faster turn times and greater capacity. Specifically Chromalloy has doubled its previous capacity to produce complex equiaxed components and tripled its previous capacity to produce directionally solidified and single-crystal components. In addition, Chromalloy can now cast 1,000,000 pounds of nickel and cobalt-based superalloys every year.

This technology, expertise and capacity allow us to meet the needs of our customers in a way that no other company can. By managing the entire part-supply chain — from design and development to casting and coating — we are a reliable partner in part repair and resource management.




Scott Nicol
San Diego, CA
United States
Phone: +1 561 236 7575
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Lee Wilkinson
Derbyshire, England
Phone: +44 7827 819 600
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Asia & Australia

Fabrizio Ragusa
Asia & Australia
Lamlukka, Thailand
Phone: +66 988 819 417
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Middle East

Hani Shehata
Middle East
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 55 125 2400
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Brion Patt
San Diego, CA USA
Phone: +1 775 721 4397

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Turbine Services

Dave Phillips
Turbine Services
Glasgow, Scotland
Phone: +44 (0) 141
945 7000

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Castings Video
This video takes you inside the castings process at Chromalloy's dedicated facility in Tampa, Florida.

This slideshow shows the complex equipment and facilities involved in the castings process for gas turbine engine compoments.

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