Aviation is where we started—and where we’ll continue to excel.

Chromalloy has the experience and robust technical foundation to support the complexity of today’s engines throughout the entire lifecycle.

From new-make, to repair, to aftermarket and beyond, Chromalloy specializes in providing engineering expertise and innovative technologies that keep engines in the air and provide value to our customers.



LifeX® Parts and Repairs offer savings and increased time on wing.

Chromalloy’s significant investments in the advancement of materials science and deep engineering expertise allow us to deliver innovative solutions to operators and OEMs that reduce cost of engine ownership and improve operations.

Discover how our aftermarket offerings benefit operators and MROs:

OEM-Approved Repairs

We have a long track record of close partnerships with major engine OEMs, allowing us to provide OEM-approved repairs on select engine platforms.

LifeX Repairs

Longevity of turbine components is good for the environment—and for your bottom line. Chromalloy’s innovative LifeX solutions increase the yield of critical engine parts.

LifeX Parts

Replace what can’t be repaired with high-value, high-quality LifeX parts manufactured by Chromalloy—providing equivalent operation to original manufacturer parts.


We’re proud of our long legacy of collaboration with OEMs.

We are a production partner for major aviation OEMs, offering the professionalism and deep expertise needed to align with the unique metrics and requirements of our customers. Our organization is structured and disciplined in order to protect your IP.

Learn how OEMs trust Chromalloy to solve diverse engineering challenges:

Advanced Manufacturing

Chromalloy offers casting, coating, and machining capabilities for rotating blades and vanes as well as select engine segments.


Our advanced facilities support innovative repair capabilities that allow us to be an extension of your organization.

Licensed Agreements

OEMs trust Chromalloy to develop approved solutions for their engines according to their unique requirements and FAA standards.

We’re able to support our OEM partners with core capabilities that are an extension of their own. Unlike other organizations that may perform just one aspect of production, we provide full casting, machining, and coating services to deliver a finished part that meets your full spec requirements and reduces operational complexity for your organization.

We are leaders in technology and innovation.

Our Engineering Center of Excellence is the epicenter of Chromalloy innovation, where we work to develop novel solutions and techniques, including our proprietary LifeX solutions, that benefit our aviation customers—and advance the industry as a whole.

Asset Management and Leasing

Chromalloy Asset Management Services (AMS)

meet diverse needs in the marketplace, delivering tailored services to operators and MROs. Thanks to our strategic partnerships and engineering expertise, we’re able to isolate opportunities that provide value for our customers.

We are ASA-certified and experienced in every aspect of asset and inventory management for aviation.

Explore how Chromalloy AMS can support your business:

Engine Acquisition & Sales

Chromalloy’s strategic partnerships allow us to isolate opportunities to acquire entire aircraft engines for resale or exchange. Thanks to our in-house capabilities, we are able to ensure that pre-owned engines are functioning optimally and swap out or repair parts as needed.

Used Serviceable Materials

Along with our partners, we purchase entire aircraft engines for teardown, allowing us to salvage usable parts from otherwise unusable engines to be refurbished at our advanced facilities and resold at competitive prices.

Engine Exchange

Engine exchange services reduce the cost burden of engine ownership and time taken to service the engine through the shop.

Inventory Management

Inventory management services simplify operations and accelerate timelines with set management, engine repair management, and scrap replacement programs.

Instead of going through multiple channels to facilitate a repair or replace a part, Chromalloy Inventory Management allows MROs to do their jobs better and achieve higher levels of satisfaction thanks to improved turnarounds.

Technical Services

Technical Services leverage Chromalloy’s deep expertise to ensure parts are available when and where needed so our customers can focus on their core business. We can also manage your engine builds to reduce the operating burden on your organization.

Key platforms include:











See how our innovative coatings, repairs and parts can reduce your operating expenses and extend the life of your gas turbine engines.