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Joining Technology
Thermal Processing
Chromalloy supplies make-complete parts as an integrated solutions provider and supplier of gas turbine engine components.


The output of the Chromalloy value chain is what is most important – your parts. As a total solution provider, we work directly with OEMs to design and manufacture new parts, cast superior quality parts and provide machining at manufacturing centers in our global network. Each piece of the value chain contributes to our identity as an integrated solutions provider for commercial aviation manufacturers. Although we operate out of numerous facilities across the globe, partnering with us means you are part of One Chromalloy – which means you can expect the same high level of service, quality and reliability across all our units.

Chromalloy’s casting capabilities are unsurpassed and include single crystal technology, as well as complex in-house ceramic core development and manufacturing. We currently operate several state-of-the-art castings centers. These centers allow Chromalloy to provide engine manufacturers with a single source for replacement parts – from design, development, production and casting, through machining and coating. By managing the entire supply chain process and delivering complete, engine-ready components, we reduce costs and save time for OEMs.

Design Engineering
Chromalloy components are newly manufactured and approved by the FAA. To earn and maintain this approval, all Chromalloy parts must meet the exact same performance, reliability and durability specifications as the original FAA type-certified parts.

To ensure the accuracy, integrity and quality of Chromalloy parts, our engineers employ the most advanced design engineering tools and processes.

These include:

• Turbine Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
• Engine Performance Analysis
• Secondary Air Systems Design and Analysis
• Blade/Vane Cooling Design and Analysis
• CFD Analysis
• 3D Thermal Design and Analysis
• Vibration/Modal Analysis
• Mechanical Design and Analysis
• Engine Instrumentation and Testing
• Engine Tuning and Optimization
• Hardware Characteristics


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